COVID-19 Update

Church Family –

We are excited that our church is once again open for worship!  Our prayerful plan is to re-open our sanctuary for Sunday 9am and 11am services as well as for mid-week service on Wednesdays at 7pm.  Of course, as and if circumstances change, we will prayerfully take action accordingly and will continue transparent communication with the entire church body.  Services will continue to be a bit different for the foreseeable future, but as Pastor Chuck taught: “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken!”  The leadership team and I will continue to pray and seek God’s will and guidance as we move towards future phases of reopening.  As Christians, we are called to love and serve one other, so while you may not personally prefer all of the guidelines we have outlined below, I want to encourage you to proceed in love, grace, patience, and understanding towards us and others!  Let’s do this the way the Lord would have us to do it - trusting Him and placing others before ourselves!  God’s ways WILL EQUAL God’s results and that’s what we all seek!

<>< Pastor Matt

1) HIGH-RISK OR ANXIOUS INDIVIDUALS:  Any persons considered to be at high risk for contracting, carrying, or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home and worship with us online.  If we see that you are sick, regardless of the symptom, we may ask you and your household to go home until you are all well.  If you are at all anxious, fearful, or uncomfortable about gathering, please stay home – it is not bad, wrong, or a sign of weakness at all.  You should do what is right for your family - every circumstance and household is unique and we understand that.  All worship services will continue to be broadcast on Livestream and Facebook. 

2) CHILDREN’S MINISTRY:  Four classrooms will be open during the 9am Sunday service only.  Each classroom - Walkers, Preschool, K-1st, 2nd-5th - will be limited to 10 children per classroom.  We will not be opening Nursery for infants under 18 months at this time.  Sign-in for Children's Ministry will be downstairs in the lobby, and will be first come, first serve, until classroom maximums are met.  Children will receive a temperature check upon check-in and will be given their sticker.  They will stay with their parents in the main sanctuary for worship and will then be dismissed to their classrooms upstairs after worship.  Come early to sign-in and enjoy worship together as a family!  The cut-back on number of classrooms and services is due to the low number of servants in the ministry at this time.  As the Lord provides more servants, we hope to expand Children's Ministry to the 11am Sunday service and to the Wednesday mid-week service again.

3) YOUTH MINISTRY:  AMPED has also resumed and will continue every Sunday during 2nd service at 11am.  If you have youth in 6th - 12th grade and want to get them involved, please email Brian Muhlhauser at  .

4) SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Do your best, when possible, to maintain six feet of space between you and any non-family members.  We do realize our church facility will not allow for six feet of space to be maintained at all times.  Also, please assume that others want space and ask them before you hug them or offer a handshake.  Please make sure your kids are respectful of other people’s space too.  As difficult as it may be, please adopt a hearty fist bump in lieu of a holy hug session!

5) PROTECTIVE MEASURES:  Masks are highly encouraged and we have spaced out the chairs in the sanctuary to allow households to remain socially distanced during service.  Please note that Pastor Matt and the worship team will not be wearing masks during service so they can teach and worship freely.  It is also understood that masks are not generally recommended for younger ages and especially for people with breathing issues including asthma.  

6) FOOD AND DRINK:  We are refraining from distributing anything that can be ingested.  No food, coffee, or water will be served.  Feel free to bring your own water bottles and travel coffee mugs from home.  The Pantry will remain closed.  Please let us know if your family has practical needs as we are here to help.  We will be offering communion in individually wrapped packages per our usual schedule.

7) FELLOWSHIP:  We encourage you to fellowship outside (weather permitting) before and after service where there is more space to spread out.

8) FACILITIES:  Bathrooms will be open and frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized before and after services.  

9) ENCOURAGEMENT:  Come to church!  Please do your best unto the Lord to abide by the above guidelines and do come!  Put on a fancy mask, prepare for some love-filled fist bumps, and let’s gather again as the Body of Christ.  Let’s worship the Lord, let’s sing praises to Him, and let’s pray together for the safety and health of our precious C4 family, our community, and the world!  We can’t wait to SEE YOU SOON!