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Genesis 11 vs 10-32 & 12 - Matt Korniotes

Genesis 11:10-12:20

Genesis Chapter 11 Verses 10 – 26

  • This is the first mention of Abram whose name was later changed by God to Abraham. Super important Old Testament character. The Book of Genesis covers more than 2,000 years and 20 generations yet it spends over a third of its text on the life of this one man.

Genesis Chapter 11 Verses 27 – 32

  • Now Acts Chapter 7 (verses 2-4; in Stephen’s sermon), sheds a little bit of light on what we just read. God appeared to Abram and basically told him to leave everything behind and come to a land that God will show him. That land was Canaan. The future Promised Land. The modern day land of the Jewish people…but interesting, we see in Genesis 11 that Abram didn’t follow God’s command.
  • He takes his father, or interesting as the Bible says, his father took him…and he doesn’t go to Canaan. He goes only about half-way, to Haran. What’s the point in bringing this up? Well mainly I want to encourage you as my heart within me is heavy at times with this sort of thing. Abram did not start well. God gave a clear demand, a clear call on his life, and yet it’s also clear that Abram didn’t do so well in walking in it…He did not start well. But it’s not how you start…although you must start, HA! It’s how you finish.
  • God’s plan is still there. It may be delayed or stalled…but His plan for you is just like His heart for you, it can never be lost. Get back on the trip, man. Pack up where you’re at and set out…Abram didn’t get there at firstbut he gets there and God’s proclamation of blessing awaits him as we will see in the beginning of the next chapter.
  • But get moving quickly. Why? Well, the message is in the names. Terah took control even when God had given the command and control to Abram…and Terah literally means “Delay.” That’s what that name translates to…The name Haran, where they went to and settled on their way to God’s promised land command, that name literally translates to “Parched,” or “Barren.” Simple exhortation…delaying God’s powerful and joyful and purpose-full and strength-full calling upon your life…allowing “delay” to lead, will leave you parched, man. Thirsty to the point of weakness, and barren…producing little, much less than you are capable of…break out man, and break out quickly! God’s blessing and promise remains, but it is where He is, not where you are…get moving!


Genesis Chapter 12 Verses 1 – 3

  • Notice in verse 1 it says that, “God HAD said to Abram.” And this promise, this calling may seem heavy. A great nation? A great name? All of the families of the earth will be affected by you!? That sounds like a tall order, but notice…Abram won’t be doing any of this! God says, I will make you a great nation.” “I will bless you!” These are all things that God will do! So what does Abram have to do? Nothing but obey God’s call to get to the land…99% of life is just showing up and the other 1% is not being ok with not showing up! HA! God will do the rest, you just be where you ought to be and as you ought to be! The delay needs to die, man…

Genesis Chapter 12 Verses 4 – 7

  • There is still an issue here. God told Abram to “Get out from your family,” and yet he allowed Lot to go with him. Now this is interesting because this is now obedience with the going but not obedience in the going and the result will be difficulty. Lot will not be good for Abram. He will be nothing but trouble and distraction. God said, move on man…Abram took pity on Lot probably…
  • God spoke to him while he was in Ur of the Chaldeans…and then years passed. Now God has spoken to him again, but this is some 25 years later! And this thing about Lot, we simply don’t know what we don’t know and the New Testament, Peter mentions Lot as being righteous…but what hardship came upon Lot as well, right? What would have happened if Abram had told him about God’s Word…that Lot couldn’t come…his wife would still be alive, for one. He later becomes the father of the Moabites which at one point cost Israel a bunch of their sons…
  • What could Lot have done with his life…don’t know. Abram didn’t heed God’s Word. Did God still use him and them, yes…but man what difficulty and in the Moabites and the Ammonites, lasting difficulty!

Genesis Chapter 12 Verses 8 – 13

  • You ever do something that you’re just embarrassed about pretty much the rest of your life? (TMNT story, Kmart story, playground fight story) I mean, Abraham is with the Lord, the Word of God will not pass away, and so forever the story of his fear and his not covering his wife is out there…but in truth, this isn’t technically a lie. She was his half sister…the daughter of his father, just not the daughter of his mother (Genesis 20:12), but a half-truth…is what? A full lie. This was meant to deceive…
  • It’s amazing that God can speak with you, one on one…you can build an altar to the Lord, and then almost in the next breath find it so difficult to trust Him…happens to us all doesn’t it…but we know, from the outside looking in that God would have protected him and Sarai and sometimes you just have to objectively step outside of your fear for long enough to see that God is not slack, man…


  • Now it doesn’t work…she’s so beautiful they take her anyway…Jewish legend was that Sarai was so beautiful (even at 60 years old – which may show that culture at the beginning didn’t value youthful beauty like our culture does…but maturity and wisdom was attractive to them) legend says she was so beautiful that she made every other woman look like a monkey. True story…

Genesis Chapter 12 Verses 14 – 16

  • What on earth was Abram doing here!? You know, most of the characters and circumstances in the Bible I can relate to and empathize with quite well. Not this one…how was Abram not an immediate gladiator when they took his wife to Pharaoh!!!??? Lesson here…start weak and you progressively WEAKEN!!! UGH!

Genesis Chapter 12 Verses 17 – 20

  • What a great truth to end on tonight…that even if those around you have done wrong by you, trust the Lord…He’ll protect and provide for you even in the midst of other’s lack of faith around you. And be encouraged…Abram did NOT start well…like at all, but Barnhouse said this, “Faith is not a mushroom that grows overnight in damp soil; it is an oak tree that grows for a thousand years under the blast of the wind and rain.” If this week, this month, this walk you have NOT started well…get on course, stay the course and finish strong!