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Genesis 6 vs 1-4 - Matt Korniotes

Genesis 6:1-4

Genesis Chapter 6 Verses 1 – 4

  • This is arguably the most mysterious passage in all of scripture because no matter how you explain or interpret this, there are important questions for which the text offers no answers. One perspective, (perhaps the most popular perspective), is that somehow, something other than a man began in some such way to intermarry with human females producing what the Bible calls nephiyl, mighty men who were of old, men of renown. (That is if you connect the giants with the mighty men, men of renown which really the text does not do…)


  • So the main question, although there are a few BIG questions, but the main question is, who are these sons of God? Some say that they are the sons of Seth and the daughters of men describe the daughters of Cain. And therefore we have the intermarrying of the sons of God who call upon the name of the Lord and the daughters of Cain who have altogether turned from walking with God. And most certainly this would be a problem. Why?
  • Deuteronomy 7, verses 1 through 4 says, (paraphrasing), “When you come into a nation that has cast out God, you shall make no covenant with them even though they are mightier than you. Nor shall you make marriages with them. You shall not give your daughter to their son, nor take their daughter for your son. For they will turn your sons away from following Me, to serve other gods; so the anger of the Lord will be aroused against you and destroy you suddenly.”


  • You see, God forbids marrying outside of the faith…even today…why? Because He hates people? NO! Because 1) to be unequally yoked with someone who has an entirely different priority in life is hellishly dangerous! How can two walk together lest they be in agreement? Unity will be impossible. Peace will be impossible. And eventually, the second reason, the reason given in the Word of God by God is that eventually, they will turn you away from a life lived for the Lord. It’s just going to happen…that’s just the way it is!
  • 2 Corinthians 6:14 says, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?” And so as it is today, it was then and therefore this could simply be the sons of Seth, those that call upon the name of the Lord, intermarrying with the daughters of Cain, those that wander and do not regard the Lord. But, there are problems with that explanation…HOWEVER, in my opinion, less problems than the other explanations…
  • The main problem folks have with that explanation is in my opinion erroneous because they link the intermarrying with the “giants.” I believe this is a non-issue because I don’t see a direct linkage of these two things scripturally but let me address it for just a minute. Have you ever watched “Mysteries of the Bible” on the History channel or seen pictures somewhere of these huge humanoid skeletons? Skulls that are the size of small cars and such…unfortunately for you die hard Indiana Jones fans, those pictures have been proven to be bogus…
  • In fact, those pictures originated from a website called Worth1000 which has since been changed to DesignCrowd and that site is devoted to hosting contents in which entrants show off their skills at manipulating photographs using digital editing programs. Check out Snopes.com on this subject, if you like. I mean, think about it…if those huge skeletons were real then all the world would be a buzz and they would be on display somewhere making someone big bucksbut they’re not
  • And that’s not exactly the giant the scriptures are talking about anyway in my opinion. Why do I say that? Because the word “Giant,” or nephiyl actually shows up again after the flood…you see they didn’t die off in the flood and therefore these nephiyl also came from the line of Noah. Nephiyl show up in the Bible here in Genesis 6 and then again in Numbers 13 when the Bible describes giants in the land of Canaan…decedents of Anak and even later in the Bible we encounter the most popular or well-known descendent of Anak…Goliath…
  • And so there are unanswered questions for sure with regards to this interpretation, sons of Seth and daughters of Cain, but those questions at least have feasible answers in my mind…Another perspective given on this scripture is that these “Sons of God” are angels and that angels, or more appropriately said, fallen angels, begin to have physical relations with human women. Ok, I have all kinds of problems with this one and so does Jesus…I’ll show you that in a moment (which I consider to be the nail in the coffin on this theory).
  • First, if they were angels, why not just say, “Angels?” The word “angel” is given to us in Genesis 19 when we track the account of what happened in Sodom. But that’s not the word used here…and folks say, “Well this phrase, “Sons of God,” is used three times in scripture and each time it’s talking of angels.” But that’s not entirely correct because Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God…”
  • Second, angels are only ever described in the masculine in scripture. Never do we have a female angel mentioned (it’s like Smurfs or something, only no Smurfette! HA!)…and you say, “Where there you go, they’re all male,” but that’s a mistaken conclusion…if there are no females then there is no gender…to have a male there must be a female or gender is simply neutral so the fact that angels are only described in the masculine allows us to conclude nothing, really.
  • Moreover, we have no scriptural indication that angels reproduce…boy that would be odd…angel babies running around…and if you have angel babies then you have demon babies and you say, “Yup, that’s what Slimer is!” HA! But the odd conclusions have to continue if you accept that these Sons of God are angelic beings. You have to conclude that at anytime a demon or Satan himself can sexually ravage your wife…I’m sorry but you have to…and so I have serious problems, SERIOUS problems with this perspective, in fact I reject it…but I’m in good company…
  • The nail in the coffin on this perspective, turn over to Matthew Chapter 22 and look with me at verse 30. “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven.” Angels simply are not gender-mixin’ beings. They don’t marry. They don’t reproduce. They are singular in gender or gender neutral and they don’t have the capacity for human-flesh-relations. Any other conclusion is outside of scripture in my mind and therefore error.
  • Yet a third popular perspective is that these “Sons of God” are aliens from another planet. Oh my. My my my…someone needs Prozac! HA! That one is way out there (literally) and in my opinion is not scripturally supported.
  • Finally, folks say these are sons of Cain that are demon possessed, or simply men that are demon possessed…ok. I can get with that one…but the conclusion of the matter is this, I really don’t know exactly and I really am not interested at all in devoting my life to finding outI’m interested in devoting my life to finding out the love, mercy and grace of the Lord, Jesus!!!