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Matthew 25 vs 1-46 - Matt Korniotes

Matthew 25

Matthew records for us the final intimate moments of teaching. After these two parables and final prophecy, Jesus is off to the Passover, the final meal in the upper room with His disciples and then on to Gethsemane. His message to them is simple and clear through these last sentiments. Be aware that one day the music will stop and folks will have to face it…face the music. How we’ve lived, what we have believed, will matter eternally more than our carnal minds can even realize…and so Jesus says be ready, be ever aware of the fact that one day (one day soon) we will all give an account…


First, of what we’ve believed and to whom we have presented ourselves. Second, what we’ve done with what we’ve been given…and finally, how we’ve shown both what we’ve believed AND how we have used what we have been given in how we have served God in serving others…On one hand, well done…on the other hand, I do not know you…


Matthew Chapter 25 Verse 1

  • Understand that in the Jewish culture, marriage was typically a three step process. First was the engagement to be married which could happen super early in someone’s life and it even could be an agreement between families. Then there was betrothal which was more of a contractual type of thing where dowry was worked out and all and a covenant agreement would be signed. At the time of betrothal, you were basically married. To break it would require a divorce and the loss of the dowry.
  • After the betrothal, a period of a year transpired while the groom prepared for his bride and then, at some point, once that time had completed, he would come for her and the wedding ceremony (typically a 7 day party) would begin…and so this parable, this scene is the bridal party having waited for her groom, she goes out to see if he has come for her…
  • Now of course this is a parable so it is meant to be a story that closely parallels a reality and so we can think of this as the ten virgins being believers and the bride groom being the Lord (in context with the discussion of Matthew 24). And I think this scene is totally appropriate…why do they have lamps and not party-poppers? Because it’s dark man…just like these last days…

Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 2 – 13

  • It’s a rough scene for some. Five were ready, Jesus calls them wise. And five were not ready, which He calls foolish. Very interesting words also because the word for wise can be translated, “mindful,” while the word for foolish can be translated, “godless.” It’s ultra difficult in this physical/carnal world filled with problems and difficulties and complexities…its ultra difficult to be aware and ready of the Lord’s return…but here’s the keywhat are you filling your mind with?
  • If you’re filling your mind with the things of God, it’s amazing how ultra difficult goes away…in many ways. And yet with godlessness and or “days filled less and less with God,” man foolishness, block-headedness will set in. I talk to all kinds of folks going through all sorts of problems but it never fails, the people that I see consistently in fellowship and in corporate worship and bible study, are always so steady and so full of hope and wisdom in whatever they are facing…why? Minds are filled with God…


  • Five were ready, five were not. Five went in, five were denied. And the basis of the denial is not that they weren’t baptized…it’s not that they were not believers…it’s not that they weren’t pure in their behavior (all ten were pure), the basis is that they didn’t know God, or perhaps better said, He didn’t know them…and so heaven remains closed to them…
  • It’s hauntingeerie…this word “know” is used 666 times in the Bible and literally Jesus is saying, “I never discovered you…I never examined or inspected you…” What does that mean? He was never allowed. Have you welcomed Jesus into your heart of hearts? That is how you come to know Him or better said, how He comes to know you…it’s the most important thing to do…in fact, for salvation, for heaven, it’s the only thing you MUST do…(Larry King Story)
  • You must be born again…Jesus called it “born of the Spirit” in John Chapter 3…and oil is a picture of the Holy Spirit…do you have the Holy Spirit of God within you? We can’t share…my decision for the Lord cannot save you…You must make your own decision for the Lord…get your own oil, Napoleon!

Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 14 – 15

  • And so we move from what we’ve believed to what we’ve done with the faculties to believe that He has installed in each one of us. “According to his own ability,” Jesus says and so that way you are wired, that unique and special and wonderful design of yours…is not primarily for you to make cash or get the girl or squat 1,000 pounds or breeze through school…primarily it’s for you to invest in the kingdom of God!  And really this life’s purpose is this…will you allow that truth to define you?


Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 16 – 19

  • Time to face the music…and here’s the thing…is God saying, “Go make Me some money!” HA, no. The thought or the point here is that they used what they had been given and gained for their Master by that use…

Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 20 – 23

  • Notice that verse 21 and verse 23 have identical responses from the Lord…well done…it’s not how much you gain, it’s how much you gain relative to your resources…your opportunity…And I love this…this side of eternity, called “few things.” The other side of eternity, He calls “many things!” And He welcomes them into joy…(chara…kin to grace…are you short of the grace of God in your heart and life? Invest in the Kingdom…enter into His joy.)

Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 24 – 26

  • Listen, reaping where you have not sown is not the definition of a hard man…that is the definition of a man that entrusts his work to his servants…and notice this…God equates laziness with wickedness!! And that word means literally…full of labors, harassed by hardshipsand blind to what things could be…WOW!

Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 27 – 30

  • Two servants took what they had been given and they invested in the kingdom of heaven. One servant took what he had been given and invested it into the earth. Investing in the kingdom produced eternal profit, investing in the earth returns eternal loss. And you know what’s so alarming here for me, this servant didn’t go off and spend what was given to him like the prodigal did, he just simply did nothing for his master…He essentially is a servant that didn’t serve…plenty of excuses…he didn’t even try…I tell you what, that was my faith for so long and here I am a little grown and I know now that was not a saving faith…I was not saved…because truth is, if you’ve received God’s grace and glimpsed His love and what’s been done for you, if the Holy Spirit of God in you cries out in worship…then you will be about His business…and that is bearing fruit unto salvation…

Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 31 – 33

  • The Bible speaks of three distinct judgments. There is the Bema seat judgment where the lives of Christians will be tried as it were by fire and the wood, hay and stubble will melt away but that which remains will be rewarded with position and responsibility and attire that will echo throughout eternal life. There is also the White Throne judgment which will be where the Book of Life is opened and all those that have died in their sin will be finally judged, removed from God’s presence and cast into the eternal loss of Gahanna.
  • But then there will also be this judgment spoken of by Jesus here and this is called the Judgment of the Nations. This happens after the Great Tribulation and before the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ…before Jesus sets up His Kingdom on this earth to rule and reign for a thousand years, all the goats, all of the survivors of the Great Tribulation that took the mark, didn’t come to faith, are judged and removed from the world prior to the 1,000 years of peace…and look at what Jesus says, SO interesting!

Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 34 – 46

  • There is a key to understanding this prophetic teaching in verse 40. Who are the least of these? His brethren and I believe Him to be speaking of the Jews. During the Great Tribulation, the Anti-Christ at the mid-point of it all will sharply turn on the Jews to the point that they will flee, many believe to the fortified city of Petra carved into the rock side of a rock mountain…and as the Jews throughout the world and in Petra will have no mark to buy food, will be hunted as they have been in times before, there will be some folks on earth that have not taken the mark, that have turned to faith in Jesus Christ and have rejected the Anti-Christ and his campaign against the Jew.
  • These will help them, the brethren of Jesus…and Jesus will welcome them into His kingdom, welcome His Tribulation saints, His Tribulation sheep at His second coming. But all others, everyone who has taken the mark…they’re gone, man. The judgment of the nations…
  • And so today as we close…is there oil in your lamp? Do you walk and live by the Spirit of God…are you ready for His return? What have you done with what has been given to you? Are you investing in the Kingdom of God, or investing in this world? And, are you a goat or a sheep? There’s a big obvious difference. Goats are almost IMPOSSIBLE to gather together and to lead. They don’t gather at all, really. They are destructive, they eat anything…and they butt heads all the time. Sheep are easy to gather, would rather be together and when their shepherd calls to them, man they are so easy to lead to green pastures…which are you?