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Mix Tape Vol. I Track 5 - Glorious Day

Mix Tape Vol. I Track 5 - Glorious Day

What is keeping you from God? Look to Him and you'll hear Him call you out of the tomb!

by Ben Young on July 09, 2018

Alright, back to my mix tape!

Do you remember those tabs on the top of the cassette tapes? When you had a REALLY important recording, you could pop out the tabs to keep anyone, usually yourself, from accidentally writing over the recording on the tape. Since I was limited in resources, I rarely had a mix that was that important. I really enjoyed being able to put new songs on the mix as time went on...of course if the mix was for that special someone, I popped those tabs right out so they had to work to record over it...you know what I'm talking about.

These days, all you have to do is click the + or - symbol to add or remove the song from your playlist...far less exciting than back in the day!

Anyway, the reason for mentioning this is that I think it’s important to remember that our mix tapes can (and will) change over time. As artists release new songs, we have the proverbial revolving door in our top list. The song for this week falls right into that category! Back when I started writing this series, I hadn’t even heard this song. Now every time I hear it, the volume gets cranked, and the singing begins! (Even Greyson, our three year old, has memorized most of the words!)

Which song is it? Drum roll please......

Glorious Day by Passion! 

I’m sure you know the song. If you don’t know its name, you’ll probably recognize it as soon as you hear it. We’ve played it several times during service, and man is it a blast to play! But that’s not the only reason I like it.

You see, in John 11 we see the story of Lazarus, a dear friend of Jesus who had gotten ill and passed away. As the story goes, Jesus arrives at the tomb days after Lazarus died and commands that the people around open the tomb. Of course this directive was met with opposition...I mean...he’d been dead several days. What was going on inside of that tomb was NOT pretty, and it certainly wouldn’t have smelled pretty either. In fact, Martha specifically called it out when she said, "Lord, he has been dead for four days. The smell will be terrible."

Jesus knew that the tomb would smell horrible, but He had another plan! Jesus' response to the crowd was, "Didn't I tell you that you would see God's glory if you believe?" Jesus had a plan the whole time, and it was to show His glory through this painful situation. Jesus proceeded to pray to God the Father and then commanded Lazarus to come out of that grave. Does the story stop there? Absolutely not! You might say the most important part came next.

Lazarus actually got up and walked out of the grave!

Man, what a sight that must have been! To see a man who everyone knew was dead, walk right out of that tomb! 

At face value, maybe the story isn't that impressive...ok, if a dead guy coming back to life isn't impressive, let's talk...otherwise, if you think about it, we're all just like Lazarus. I know, you're not dead...I think. And you're not stuck in a tomb on the side of a cliff. I get it. But what we fail to realize is that the sin that we've become involved in is just like the illness that Lazarus suffered from, and often times that sin has us bound, just like the tomb that Lazarus was in. That sin, without warning, takes everything away from us and causes death and decay in our lives. 

That sin could be anger towards others, it could be lust, it could be lying, stealing, adultery, sexual immorality, selfishness...the list goes on and on.

It doesn't matter what the sin is, it's causing death in your life!

That's where the good news comes in! You see, that my friend, is where Jesus steps down, opens the tomb, and calls your name.

Just as Lazarus would have never walked out of that tomb without Jesus, we'll never be able to escape the confines of our sin without Jesus!  


And THAT is why I love this song!

I have spent so much of my life walking in sin, so much of my life allowing the selfish desires, lust, bitterness, anger, and all of the other sins to rule my thoughts, my actions, my words, my entire life. But God is gracious and has allowed Jesus Christ to come down, live as a man, give up His life, and ascend to Heaven, as the payment for those sins that have gained such a strong grip on my life. So now, rather than being a slave to that sin, I can have freedom from that sin, because Jesus is calling me out of the tomb!

And that's what this song is all about!

What is it that keeps you from drawing closer to God? Is it how you look to other people? Is it sin that you've gotten caught up in? Is it the personal drive to do things yourself? There are many things that keep us from drawing close to God, but once we submit to Him and let Him into our hearts, Jesus will call us out of the tomb!

Check out this song. I know you'll be blessed as you listen to the lyrics! 

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