Please use the Reimbursement Form button below to submit information and receipts for church functions.

To submit a reimbursement request, you must have a Google Account to upload pictures of your receipts which is required by Google Forms.

You don't, however, need to tie your reimbursement to that specific Gmail account. It would be best to use the e-mail account you check most frequently in case your request is sent back for clarification.

Receipts can be uploaded in many different formats, including photos or PDF's. Once a file is uploaded on the form, it cannot be deleted from the Google Form. If you do upload an incorrect photo, David will delete it manually while processing your reimbursement.

To check the status of your reimbursements, please submit a NEW form, and for the first question click on Check on Reimbursement Status. This will e-mail you a list of all open reimbursement requests.

Once a request is processed, it is archived for 3 months. You can check a list of these by filling out a NEW form, and for the first question, click on View Past Reimbursements.