The Giving Tree


-A C4 Christmas In-reach Ministry


Each year we, as a church body, have the privilege to come alongside some of our own C4 families that need a little extra help with Christmas for their kids. The Giving Tree ministry is an incredible way to bless the children and parents of these families and give all the credit to God, as it is done anonymously!

If you are a parent that may be struggling or just need a little extra help this Christmas, you can nominate your kids for the Giving Tree by filling out a Giving Tree slip (next to the tithe box) and placing it into the tithe box.

Please nominate your kids by Wednesday, November 21, so we have time to put the gift tags on the tree. 

Once the tags are on the tree, gifts should be purchased no later than Sunday, December 16, to give parents time to collect and wrap the gifts.  Please keep the gifts in the shopping bags, and include the tags with the gifts so we know who they belong to.

If you have any questions about the Giving Tree, please reach out to April or Yvonne.